St. Joseph’s Church- what’s old is new!

A year ago last fall, we were intimately involved in overseeing the finishing touches at the former St. Joseph’s Church in Salem, MA.  What a diffence a year makes!

​Cardinal O’malley and POUA’s Lisa Alberghini during the ribbon cutting ceremony this fall.  Photo: Greg Tracy

In addition to the new streetscape, we paid special attention to the reuse of the original granite Church steps and retaining walls.

​Cardinal O’malley, POUA’s Lisa Alberghini and Mayor Kim Driscoll.  Photo:  Greg Tracy

These pieces were salvaged and repurposed into paving details, benches, and a playful freestanding wall and posts in the courtyard.  As designers, we believe that these extra efforts to incorportate the old into the new on this project were important, and truly helped to make it special!

BEFORE:  The existing St. Joseph’s Church had fantastic granite steps, landings and a staggered seatwall.
CONSTRUCTION:  These pieces were carefully tagged, stored, cut as needed, and reassembled in the main courtyard.
AFTER:  The granite was finished with an acetylene torch to remove rust stains and other imperfections.
The wall creates a buffer to the adjacent parking lot, and provides seating and free play opportunities for residents.  Photo:  Greg Tracy


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